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Training for Transition to the Common Performance Accountability System

To access the archived WINTAC training, please visit the Recorded Training.

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RSA & WINTAC Recorded Webinars:

RehabData Workgroup – ReThink VR Performance Tools/Webinars

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has established the RehabData Workgroup consisting of Federal and State representatives with data or program expertise to identify how to use data to best tell the story of the success of the VR program and identify areas for continued evaluation. The Workgroup is also charged with developing and distributing tools and information that State VR agencies may use to help assess VR program performance using data that is already being collected.

  1. Measurable Skill Gains – Tool: This MSG - tool showcases data reported by VR agencies for Program Years 2017 and 2018. The tool provides National and State-level MSG data to all VR programs while being a resource for State VR agencies to analyze their MSG data, compared to National rates, similar States and/or agencies, and a variety of additional ways.

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Case Service Report (RSA-911) Training Series

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), in partnership with the WINTAC, has developed a series of eight pre-recorded trainings related to the RSA-911. The purpose of these trainings is to provide technical assistance to help State VR agencies prepare for the implementation of the revised RSA-911 (PD-19-03) effective July 1, 2020. 

The intended audience is State VR agency personnel who are responsible for RSA-911 data collection and reporting activities (e.g., directors, case management system administrators, policy and training personnel, data analysts, and related program staff). The training series is not intended for VR Counselors and other front-line staff. The objectives of the training series are to:

  1. Explain the intent of PD-19-03 reporting requirements. 
  2. Assist State VR agencies in the implementation of the revised RSA-911 in Program Year 2020.
  3. When possible, share examples of what needs to live outside of RSA-911 reporting, in addition to the discussed data elements (e.g., source documentation).
  4. Provide other considerations and expectations during each training (e.g., policies State VR agencies need to establish and implement, tools and resources that are available, and internal controls).

The eight pre-recorded trainings will be posted here as they become available.

  1. Background and Implementation (October 2019)

  2. Reporting Expenditures for VR Services (October 2019)

  3. Pre-Employment Transition Services (November 2019)

  4. Supported Employment Services (November 2019)

  5. Measurable Skill Gains and Credential Attainment (December 2019)

  6. Exit and Post-Exit Data Elements (January 2020)

  7. New Data Elements – Additional “Need to Know” Information (February 2020) 

  8. RSA-911 Information Used in the WIOA Annual Report (February 2020)

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