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Sharing American Job Center Costs Using “Customer Count”: One Approach to Cost Allocation Under WIOA

The use of square footage and FTEs as a basis for a local funding mechanism to support cost sharing in American Job Centers is common across the country. Joint guidance in RSA 17-03 “IFA and Cost Sharing” (corresponds to OCTAE 17-3 and TEGL17-16), issued January 18, 2017, includes examples in which other methods might be considered for certain kinds of costs (Attachment 1).  In Sharing American Job Center Costs Using “Customer Count”: One Approach to Cost Allocation Under WIOA, the WINTAC and the RSA, in consultation with the OCTAE and the ETA, present an example of programs adopting “Customer Count” as a method for the allocation of costs related to career services available in an AJC.

Summary of Changes in 14c Holders

The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor has published the current 14c certificate numbers through July 2019.  We have analyzed these numbers and have included a summary and State-by-State breakdown of the changes since January 2016 through July 2019.  Click to see a summary of the changes and the specific breakdown of the changes by State.

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Recorded Webinar: Pre-Employment Transition Services Topic Area Update

This pre-recorded session can be viewed at any time, and provides states with information regarding the pre-employment transition service tools, resources, and products available on the website; as well as a brief description of the common activities, outcomes and impact expectations around pre-employment transition services for State VR Agencies. We also highlight joint collaborative work across the WINTAC topic areas, and partnerships with other TA centers.

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Integration Continuum Self-Assessment

Rate your agency’s level of service integration -- Isolation, Communication, Coordination, Collaboration or Integration -- with the Integration Continuum Self-Assessment.

WINTAC has developed the Self-Assessment to help you determine where you are today on the Continuum and where you would like to be. There are three ways to use the assessment: agency self-evaluation, facilitated collaborative self-assessment or self-assessment through the use of a facilitator’s guide.

Recorded Webinar - Using Pre-Employment Transition Services Online Modules

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Note: Please disregard the date on the registration page in the link as this is a pre-recorded webinar to be viewed at your convenience.

Instructional webinar featuring, which may be used as a resource in the delivery of the five required WIOA Pre-Employment Transition Services activities for use with students with disabilities.