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Transition to the Common Performance Accountability System

Common Performance Measures

The vision of WIOA includes six common performance accountability measures that apply to the WIOA core programs. This vision is articulated in the proposed regulations for implementing the common performance measures:

"This is an historic opportunity to align definitions, streamline performance indicators, and integrate reporting for each of the core programs to the extent practicable, while implementing program-specific requirements. Through these proposed joint regulations, the Departments are laying the foundation for the establishment of a performance accountability system that serves all core programs and their targeted populations in a manner that is customer-focused and supports an integrated service design delivery model" (Federal Register, vol. 80, no. 73, April 16, 2015, p. 20583).

Within the vision are two expected outcomes for Common Performance Measures:

  1. Common Performance Measures across the variety of employment and training programs will lead to a better understanding of the overall impact of federal investments in employment and training programs.
  2. Common Performance Measures will help ensure that those federal investments in employment and training programs are evidence-based, data-driven, and accountable to participants and taxpayers.

The Six Common Performance Measures are as follows:

  1. Percentage of program participants who are in unsubsidized employment during the 2nd quarter after program exit;
  2. Percentage of program participants who are in unsubsidized employment during the 4th quarter after program exit;
  3. The median earnings of participants who are in unsubsidized employment during the second quarter after exit from the program;
  4. Percentage of participants in a postsecondary education or training program and received a credential/certificate during the program or within one year after exit or received a diploma or equivalent from a secondary education program while in program or within one year of exit AND who were employed or enrolled in an education or training program leading to a recognized postsecondary credential within one year after exit;
  5. Percentage of participants, who during a program year, are in an education or training program that leads to a recognized postsecondary credential or employment and who are achieving measurable skill gains toward such a credential or employment;
  6. Effectiveness in serving employers.

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Vocational Rehabilitation programs will begin collecting Common Performance Measure data on July 1, 2017, and the first quarterly reports containing Common Performance Measure data and other 911 client data are due November 15, 2017. In addition to the quarterly reports, State VR agencies will submit the Statewide and Local Performance Report annually with their WIOA Core Partners. 
We are engaged in multiple conversations across the country on the implementation and implications of the Common Performance Measures. There are many questions that are a part of this discourse:

  • How might these new measures change the way we serve clients in order to assist those clients find employment and long-term careers?
  • How will the change in measures and additional data requirements affect the workload of VR staff and the performance management of those staff?
  • How do the new Common Performance Measures support the vision of WIOA to improve the economic well-being of persons with disabilities?
  • In what ways will agreements with other WIOA core partners need to be changed in order to meet the data collection and reporting requirements of WIOA?
  • What are other successful practices and initiatives in other states that could be adapted to help resolve a state's issue with implementation or training or data collection? 

These are the questions the WINTAC team is seeking to answer with our friends in the State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and with the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). In this tool kit, you will find resources and best practices to assist your agency in the transition to the Common Performance Measures.

  • Promising Practices and Literature Review - Here is where you will find what your colleagues in other states are doing to implement the Common Performance Measures and 911 data. This section also has pertinent research related to the common performance measures and program evaluation.
  • Resources - Here is where you will find policies and guidance issued by RSA, Department of Labor, or jointly. You will find information about the common performance measures, 911 data collection, and the program year reports.
  • Training - Here you will find our schedule for future webinars and archived versions of past webinars, as well as Communities of Practice. We will post any activities that will be available throughout the year, as well as opportunities for your staff to engage in discussions regarding topics that are most significant in addressing the changes for your organization.
  • Laws, Regs, and Policy - Here you will find links to the WIOA law, final regulations from the Federal Register, the final Unified and Combined Plan Requirements, and policies from other federal WIOA partners.
  • FAQ's - Here you will find common performance related FAQ's. For example, RSA 911 Reporting FAQ's, CPM reporting timelines, general RSA questions, etc. This section will be updated frequently as more information is available.
  • Intensive Technical Assistance Results - Here you will find results and emerging practices from states receiving Intensive Technical Assistance from WINTAC, as this becomes available. 

If your questions or interests in the Common Performance Measures are not found in this section of the website, we would enjoy hearing your suggestions of how this resource can be strengthened.

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