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Laws, Regs, and Policy

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The Purposes statements of WIOA and Title IV - TITLE IV—AMENDMENTS TO THE REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973 of the Act, clearly indicates that one critical intent of the legislation concerns employment opportunities, including employment opportunities for people with disabilities [italics added below for emphasis]:

WIOA Sec. 2. PURPOSES. - … (1) To increase, for individuals in the United States, particularly those individuals with barriers to employment, access to and opportunities for the employment, education, training, and support services they need to succeed in the labor market…

Title IV Sec. 2. (a) Findings - …  (4) increased employment of individuals with disabilities can be achieved through implementation of statewide [workforce investment systems under title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998] workforce development systems defined in section 3 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  that provide meaningful and effective participation for individuals with disabilities in workforce investment activities and activities carried out under the vocational rehabilitation program established under title I, and through the provision of independent living services, support services, and meaningful opportunities for employment in integrated work settings through the provision of reasonable accommodations;…

Sec. 2. (b) Purpose - … (2) to maximize opportunities for individuals with disabilities, including individuals with significant disabilities, for competitive integrated employment…

…  (4) to increase employment opportunities and employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, including through encouraging meaningful input by employers and vocational rehabilitation service providers on successful and prospective employment and placement strategies; and…

Sec. 2. (c) Policy - It is the policy of the United States that all programs, projects, and activities receiving assistance under this Act shall be carried out in a manner consistent with the principles of

(1) respect for individual dignity, personal responsibility, self-determination, and pursuit of meaningful careers, based on informed choice, of individuals with disabilities;….

The achievement of competitive integrated employment by people with disabilities through an Individualized Program of Employment is the cornerstone of the public Vocational Rehabilitation program.  Other administrative and service delivery activities, directly or indirectly, support the goal of competitive integrated employment.

WINTAC Topic 3 is focused on the provision of resources and strategies to help individuals with disabilities achieve competitive integrated employment, including customized employment and supported employment.

The following are citations within WIOA/Title IV specific to competitive integrated employment, including customized employment and supported employment – The other WINTAC Topic Areas, such as Pre-Employment Transition Services; Implementation of Section 511 (Sub-Minimum Wage) Requirements; etc., are discussed in their respective sites on the WINTAC website. The terms "competitive integrated employment, "customized employment", "supported employment", "business(s)", and "employer(s)" are in italics and highlighted in these citations for easier reference.

These citations quote those aspects of the law specific to competitive integrated employment, including customized employment and supported employment, and requirements involving a business(s) and/or employer(s) in an effort to provide the reader with the relevant location and language in the law without having to review the entire Amendments of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973:

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Applicable Federal Regulations/CFR Sections

The Final WIOA and Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, Rules are posted in the Federal Register 8/19/16, with the following links provided by the US Departments of Education and Labor:

The U.S. Departments of Education and Labor announced the publication in the Federal Register of the following final rules implementing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA):

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