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Customized Employment (CE) Webinar Orientation

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Recorded training

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Resources and Strategies for Competitive Integrated Employment


  • Sean O'Brien, WINTAC

This presentation is intended to help gain a common understanding of “Customized Employment” (CE)

  • Under the current Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) law, CE is defined as competitive integrated employment, for an individual with a significant disability, that is:

    • Based on an individualized determination of the unique strengths, needs, and interests of the individual with a significant disability;
    • Designed to meet the specific abilities of the individual with a significant disability and the business needs of the employer; and

      • CE is a flexible process designed to personalize the employment relationship between a job candidate and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both
      • It is based on an individualized match between the strengths, conditions, and interests of  a job candidate and the identified business needs of an employer
      • The CE approach is typically reserved for those with the most significant disabilities and/or complexities
      • WIOA law or regulations do not describe the CE process

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