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The Career Index Plus (TCI+) is a career information system that collects Labor Market Information (LMI) from a host of resources and deposits it onto a single, user-friendly site.  Access is free and the data is the most recent available.  The people behind TCI+ have spent almost 20 years specializing in labor related data and are constantly combing a large array of sources to give Vocational Rehabilitation professionals actionable LMI for better, more informed career choices.

TCI+ Training on WINTAC Training

The following resources are presented through a collaboration between WINTAC and TCI+ and are intended to provide a comprehensive approach to training on this valuable resource.  

Short Training Videos

These short training videos, each under 10 minutes in length, provide VR professionals with short, direct, and relevant training materials on using The Career Index Plus’ multitude of features.

TCI+ Recorded Webinars 

Recorded from live webinars, these trainings provide in-depth, comprehensive information on using The Career Index Plus.

TCI+ Resources

These resources provide VR agencies with training and informational materials on adopting The Career Index Plus as a labor market information tool. 

LMI Resources

The resources identified below provide VR agencies with comprehensive information on labor market data.