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Sec. 301 - 303

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Sec. 301. Declaration of Purpose and Competitive Basis of Grants and Contracts

(a) Purpose

It is the purpose of this title to authorize grants and contracts to ‑‑

(1)(A) provide academic training to ensure that skilled personnel are available to provide rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities through vocational, medical, social, and psychological rehabilitation programs (including supported employment programs), through economic and business development programs, through independent living services programs, and through client assistance programs; and…

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Sec. 302. Training

(a)Grants and Contracts for Personnel Training

(1) Authority

The Commissioner shall make grants to, and enter into contracts with, States and public or nonprofit agencies and organizations (including institutions of higher education) to pay part of the cost of projects to provide training, traineeships, and related activities, including the provision of technical assistance, that are designed to assist in increasing the numbers of, and upgrading the skills of, qualified personnel (especially rehabilitation counselors) who are trained in providing vocational, medical, social, and psychological rehabilitation services, who are trained to assist individuals with communication and related disorders, who are trained to provide other services provided under this Act, to individuals with disabilities, and who may include ‑‑

...(E) personnel specifically trained to deliver supported employment services and customized employment services to individuals with the most significant disabilities;…

...(b)Grants and Contracts for Academic Degrees and Academic Certificate Granting Training Projects

(1) Authority

...(B) Types of projects

Academic training projects described in this subsection may include -

...(III) supported employment services, including services of employment specialists for individuals with disabilities;…

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Sec. 303. Demonstration and Training Programs

...(b)Special Demonstration Programs

...(5) Priority for competitions

(A) In general

In announcing competitions for grants and contracts under this subsection, the Commissioner shall give priority consideration to ‑‑

(i) initiatives focused on improving transition from education, including postsecondary education, to employment, particularly in competitive integrated employment, for youth who are individuals with significant disabilities;

(ii) supported employment, including community‑based supported employment programs to meet the needs of individuals with the most significant disabilities or to provide technical assistance to States and community organizations to improve and expand the provision of supported employment services; and

(iii) increasing competitive integrated employment for individuals with significant disabilities.

(B) Additional competitions: In announcing competitions for grants and contracts under this subsection, the Commissioner may require that applicants address 1 or more of the following:

...(c)Parent Information and Training Program

...(2) Use of grants

An organization that receives a grant to establish training and information programs under this subsection shall use the grant to assist individuals with disabilities, and the parents, family members, guardians, advocates, or authorized representatives of the individuals ‑‑

...(G) to understand the provisions of this Act, particularly provisions relating to employment, supported employment, and independent living…

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