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...Sec. 109 Training And Services For Employers

A State may expend payments received under section 111 to educate and provide services to employers who have hired or are interested in hiring individuals with disabilities under programs carried out under this title, including -

(1) providing training and technical assistance to employers regarding the employment of individuals with disabilities, including disability awareness, and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.) and other employment-related laws;

(2) working with employers to -

(A) provide opportunities for work-based learning experiences (including internships, short-term employment, apprenticeships, and fellowships), and opportunities for pre-employment transition services;

(B) recruit qualified applicants who are individuals with disabilities;

(C) train employees who are individuals with disabilities; and

(D) promote awareness of disability-related obstacles to continued employment;

(3) providing consultation, technical assistance, and support to employers on workplace accommodations, assistive technology, and facilities and workplace access through collaboration with community partners and employers, across States and nationally, to enable the employers to recruit, job match, hire, and retain qualified individuals with disabilities who are recipients of vocational rehabilitation services under this title, or who are applicants for such services; and

(4) assisting employers with utilizing available financial support for hiring or accommodating individuals with disabilities…


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