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...Sec. 107 Monitoring and Review

(a) In General

...(4) Areas of inquiry

In conducting the review and monitoring, the Commissioner shall examine ‑‑

(A) the eligibility process, including the process related to the determination of ineligibility under section 102(a)(5);

(B) the provision of services, including supported employment services and pre-employment transition services, and, if applicable, the order of selection;…

(b) Technical Assistance

The Commissioner shall ‑‑

...(3) provide technical assistance to programs under this title to -

(A) promote high-quality employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities;

(B) integrate veterans who are individuals with disabilities into their communities and to support the veterans to obtain and retain competitive integrated employment;

(C) develop, improve, and disseminate information on procedures, practices, and strategies, including for the preparation of personnel, to better enable individuals with intellectual disabilities and other individuals with disabilities to participate in postsecondary educational experiences and to obtain and retain competitive integrated employment; and…


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