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Sec. 101(a) State Plans; Requirements

...(7) Comprehensive system of personnel development

...(B) set forth policies and procedures relating to the establishment and maintenance of standards to ensure that personnel, including rehabilitation professionals and paraprofessionals, needed within the designated State unit to carry out this part are appropriately and adequately prepared and trained, including ‑‑

...(I)(aa) attainment of a baccalaureate degree in a field of study reasonably related to vocational rehabilitation, to indicate a level of competency and skill demonstrating basic preparation in a field of study such as vocational rehabilitation counseling, social work, psychology, disability studies, business administration, human resources, special education, supported employment, customized employment, economics, or another field that reasonably prepares individuals to work with consumers and employers; and…

...(bb) demonstrated paid or unpaid experience, for not less than 1 year, consisting of -

(AA) direct work with individuals with disabilities in a setting such as an independent living center;

(BB) direct service or advocacy activities that provide such individual with experience and skills in working with individuals with disabilities; or

(CC) direct experience as an employer, as a small business owner or operator, or in self-employment, or other experience in human resources, recruitment, or experience in supervising employees, training, or other activities that provide experience in competitive integrated employment environments; or …

...(10) Reporting requirements

...(C) Additional data

...(IV) the number of individuals with open cases (disaggregated by those who are receiving training and those who are in postsecondary education), and the type of services the individuals are receiving (including supported employment);…

...(11) Cooperation, collaboration, and coordination.

(A) Cooperative agreements with other components of statewide workforce development systems

The State plan shall provide that the designated State unit or designated State agency shall enter into a cooperative agreement with other entities that are components of the statewide [workforce investment system] workforce development system of the State, regarding the system, which agreement may provide for

...(iv) establishment of cooperative efforts with employers to -

(I) facilitate job placement; and

(II) carry out any other activities that the designated State unit and the employers determine to be appropriate;…

...(E) Coordination With Employers. - The State plan shall describe how the designated State unit will work with employers to identify competitive integrated employment opportunities and career exploration opportunities, in order to facilitate the provision of -

(i) vocational rehabilitation services; and

(ii) transition services for youth with disabilities and students with disabilities, such as pre-employment transition services….

...(14) Semiannual review of individuals in extended employment or other employment under special certificate provisions of the fair labor standards act of 1938

The State plan shall provide for‑‑

(A) a semiannual review and reevaluation of the status of each individual with a disability served under this title who is employed either in an extended employment setting in a community rehabilitation program or any other employment under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (29 U.S.C. 214(c)) for 2 years after the beginning of such employment, and annually thereafter, to determine the interests, priorities, and needs of the individual with respect to competitive integrated employment or training for competitive integrated employment;

(B) input into the review and reevaluation, and a signed acknowledgment that such review and reevaluation have been conducted, by the individual with a disability, or, if appropriate, the individual's representative;

(C) maximum efforts, including the identification and provision of vocational rehabilitation services, reasonable accommodations, and other necessary support services, to assist individuals described in subparagraph (A) in attaining competitive integrated employment; and…

(15) Annual state goals and reports of progress

(A) Assessments and estimates

The State plan shall‑‑

(i) include the results of a comprehensive, statewide assessment, jointly conducted by the designated State unit and the State Rehabilitation Council (if the State has such a Council) every 3 years, describing the rehabilitation needs of individuals with disabilities residing within the State, particularly the vocational rehabilitation services needs of‑‑

(I) individuals with the most significant disabilities, including their need for supported employment services;…

...(22) Supported employment state plan supplement

The State plan shall include an assurance that the State has an acceptable plan for carrying out title VI, including the use of funds under that part to supplement funds made available under part B of this title to pay for the cost of services leading to supported employment


The State plan shall provide an assurance describing how the State will utilize initiatives involving in-demand industry sectors or occupations under sections 106(c) and 108 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to increase competitive integrated employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities…


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