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Transition Coordination and Collaboration Lit Review

Pre-ETS Notice

This part of the website has been updated to reflect the Notice of Interpretation in the Federal Register.

Article can be accessed on the IOS Press website:

  • Taylor, D. L., Morgan, R. L., & Callow-Heusser, C. A. (2016). A survey of vocational rehabilitation counselors and special education teachers on collaboration in transition planning. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 44, 163-173.  Retrieved from:
    Taylor, Morgan, and Callow-Heusser (2016) explore interagency collaboration between VR counselors and transition teachers in Florida, Maryland, Oregon, and Utah. Interagency collaboration has been found to have an association with positive outcomes for youth with disabilities. Taylor et al. report low levels of collaboration and satisfaction between counselors and teachers, as well as low feasibility ratings. VR counselors and transition teachers report that interagency collaboration is important, and were interested in joint training where they could learn about job responsibilities and values. Taylor et al. (2016) discuss methods for improving collaboration in order to improve transition planning including spending more time developing relationships; obtaining administrative support or funding/policy; and receiving training

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