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Resources: Work-based Learning Experiences

Pre-ETS Notice

This part of the website has been updated to reflect the Notice of Interpretation in the Federal Register.

Work-Based Learning Experience Activities (WBLE):

    WINTAC has worked with Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI), the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Wisconsin-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI) to design a series of web-based modules specific to the five required WIOA Pre-Employment Transition Services activities for use with students with disabilities. 
  2. AFB Transition To Work Program Activity Guide (American Foundation of the Blind)
    The Transition to Work: Program Activity Guide was created for Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) Providers, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agencies, and Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI's) working to improve employment outcomes for teens and young adults who are blind or visually impaired. This program activity guide has 19 lessons meant to address WIOA requirements. The activities included in this guide are for service providers to utilize to provide instruction and services to youth who are blind or visually impaired in three of the five required areas: job exploration, work-based learning, and workplace readiness training. The activities can be printed, access electronically, and even e-mailed. The activities are also available as electronic braille files (BRF) in the Unified English Braille (UEB) Code ready to be embossed. The BRF files are available for download at the bottom of each lesson. Right-click and "save as" to download a file to a computer.
  3. National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability
    Find the latest details about NCWD/Youth resources and tools including: news, events, issues and policies central to preparing youth for transition to adulthood. Products include:

    • Charting The Course: Supporting the Career Development of Youth with Learning Disabilities
    • The Guidepost for Success
    • The 411 on Disabilities
    • Navigating the Road to Work: Basics
  4. Reality Check - Guiding Child to Career Success - Quick guide for parents to help engage them in career exploration process with their child.
  5. T-Folio - A free transition portfolio tool for high school age students with disabilities, designed in Washington State through the collaboration of the Center for Change in Transition Services (CCTS) and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). Work-based learning experiences is one of the units in this on-line tool, and it includes lessons on informational interviews and job shadowing
  6. Pathways to the Future - The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services Pathways to the Future grant project has developed a Sample Lessons to Life After High School manual to facilitate purposeful implementation of secondary transition requirements as prompted by recent legislation and subsequent regulations of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and amendments to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. It serves as a first step to formalizing guidance for West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services and Education professionals charged with youth transition, specifically the five required Pre-Employment Transition Services.
  7. - Free Blind Abilities app. All the podcasts and blogs are created by fellow blind/visually impaired people. App for iphones -a student could listen to the podcast and then report back on one or two things they learned about the occupations. Many of these podcasts are also transcribed so deaf students may benefit as well.
  8. The National Homework Hotline - Resources put together by teachers for blind and vision impaired students experiencing emergency school closures due to COVID-19.
  9. Virtual Activities for Teachers and Families - Livebinder is a project of the TX Sensory Support Network, with funding from the Texas Education Agency for students who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, or deafblind. This project put together a ton of information on virtual activities that can be used during this COVID-19 crisis for teachers and families. It includes livestream and virtual field trip videos.
  10. Minnesota's Pre-ETS Toolkit with Resources - A Resource for Providing Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) for Minnesota Students with Disabilities.
  11. Career Exploration in Action - This Innovative Strategies Practice Brief provides practical examples and resources used by promising and exemplary youth programs to engage youth in career exploration. The youth programs and school systems featured in this brief have been recognized by NCWD/Youth as Innovative Strategies.
  12. Work Based Learning Measures Series - Measuring student learning while participating in work-based learning experiences gives students an opportunity to reflect on their work-based learning experiences and connect what the knowledge and skills they’ve learned to future career goals. States, schools, and districts can use the data to improve the quality of work-based learning experiences for all students. The series is divided into five modules which highlights the key decision points for selecting work-based learning measures that meet your needs. Then, it guides users through key decision points for developing several different types of measures, including: portfolios, rubrics, employer feedback and evaluation, and student self-assessments.
  13. Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plan - Used by a number of local education agencies in partnership with VR, designed to provide structure and depth to work-based learning experiences. he Work-Based Learning Plan includes a job description, list of skills, and reviews. It can be completed as a pen-and-paper document or through the online WBLP screens or the mobile WBLP screens. This resource is specific to residents of Massachusetts, however other states have similar online employment exploration and work based learning sites.
  14. CSAVR - The NET The Council of State Administrators for Vocational Rehabilitation has developed a coordinated approach to serving business customers through a national VR team that specializes in employer development, business consulting and corporate relations. At this link there is a drop down menu to News and Job Postings. New resources are added that may help students look at different job clusters, hot jobs, etc.
  15. Toolkit for Career Pathways This toolkit has been developed by the WINTAC as a resource to assist State VR Agencies in utilizing a career pathways framework for IPE development, strengthening common performance measures, and enhancing positive employment outcomes. This checklist includes information related to utilizing pre-employment transition services as a first step in the career pathways process.
  16. Promising Trends and Challenges in Work-Based Learning: A Market Scan of Organizations and Tools
  17. Youth-Employment
  18. New Ways to Work
  19. Paving the Way to Work - A guide to career-focused mentoring
  20. Let's Get To Work - Community Work Experiences-Wisconsin Developed Program
  21. ThinkWork!
  22. MA - Work Based Learning Resource
  23. National Collaborative on Workforce & Disability (NCWD) for Youth

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Virtual Job Shadowing

  1. Career One Stop Videos - Explore a collection of videos on hundreds of different careers.

    1. Career One Stop YouTube Playlist
  2. empowers individuals to discover, plan and pursue their dreams with our unique video-based career planning platform. Interactive tools help students and job seekers develop career paths based on choice, not chance. Please note there is a cost for this curricula.

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Career Exploration/Virtual Tour:

  1. AG Explorer Virtual Field Trip - Transport your students beyond the walls of your classroom into leading agricultural organizations to gain a firsthand account of the diverse career opportunities within the agricultural industry.
  2. The Career Index Plus (TCI+) is a career information system that collects Labor Market Information (LMI) from a host of resources and deposits it onto a single, user-friendly site. Access is free and the data is the most recent available.
  3. The Pathway is an access point to the world of work in Nebraska. It was created with two key goals in mind - to help the youth of our state successfully navigate Nebraska's labor market and to give insight to job seekers on opportunities and careers available to them.
  4. Equal Opportunities Publications includes information on careers opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  5. Nepris - Connecting Industry to Every Classroom - Making industry engagement part of the everyday classroom by empowering teachers and other professionals to engage students in STEAM! By facilitating virtual connections, Nepris effectively removes student barriers to access while providing companies the opportunity to efficiently and effectively extend their education outreach efforts.
  6. Nebraska Career Clusters Experience virtual industry tours that provide a unique opportunity to get a glimpse inside Nebraska-based industries without leaving your home or classroom.

    1. Information Technology example
  7. Road Trip Nation - Meet people who found careers connected to their interests and get inspiration and motivation for how you can find a fulfilling career and build a fulfilling life.
  8. KQED Career Path Videos - Use over 50 videos to inspire young people to discover careers and explore possible career paths.
  9. Khan Academy Career Exploration Videos includes informational interviews where employees talk about the rewards and challenges of working in their position, and why they choose that career.

    1. Health care community liaison: What I do and how much I make?

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Employer Pre-boarding and On-boarding Videos:

  1. Employer Pre-boarding and Onboarding Videos - One of the top ways to showcase a company’s brand and talented workforce is through company onboarding and new hire videos.

    1. Zynga - Gaming Company: Onboarding Video

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  1. WINTAC, NTACT and YTAC hosted a webinar on Employment Preparation and Work Based Learning Experiences in a Virtual World which explores effective practices, resources, and strategies for family members and professional staff in supporting students with disabilities to be able to access and participate in work-based learning experiences in virtual and distance learning environments during these challenging times.

  2. YouthBuild Webinar: How to Develop Quality Work Experiences for Your Participants
  3. WIOA Youth Program COVID-19 Session

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Registered Apprenticeship Training RSA-911 Reporting

The WINTAC has developed a resource, Registered Apprenticeship Training, to assist State VR Agencies in accurately reporting Registered Apprenticeship Trainings in the RSA-911. This guide includes information related to training service documentation, WIOA performance reporting and the RSA-911 Data Elements associated.

Work Based Learning Measures Series available through The College and Career Readiness and Success Center A resource on measuring student learning while participating in work-based learning experiences

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