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Communities of Practice

Welcome to our Communities of Practice Page.  You will find several different communities that you can participate in depending on your interest. It is our hope that rehabilitation professionals will connect and share information that will inform practice, enrich personal growth and ultimately contribute to excellence in service delivery to individuals with disabilities.

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Blindness Agency Community of Practice

A community of practice creates a platform for collaborative responses to shared challenges, connects people working on similar issues, and quickly disseminate ideas and information among peers. We anticipate discussion may focus on some of the following topics:

  • Unique challenges to WIOA implementation for blindness agencies.
  • Solving technology access challenges in the business environment.
  • Ensuring integrated resource teams are effective for blindness agencies and their clients.
  • Addressing the misperception that accommodations for blind and visually impaired individuals are more difficult to achieve than accommodations for other disabilities.
  • Strategies to ensure blind and visually impaired clients have equivalent access to employers as clients of other WIOA partner agencies.
  • Effectively providing integrated services when the blindness agency is not co-located in an American Job Center.

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Business Engagement

The Business Engagement Community of Practice will support State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (SVRA) staff in gaining ideas and insights into how to more effectively engage business partners in hiring job seekers with disabilities as an integrated strategy of American Job Centers. The success of this CoP hinges upon engaging staff at all stages of Business Engagement collaboration in the dynamic exchange of ideas.

The Community of Practice members will have the opportunity to interact with other States in exploring best practices, tips, and techniques.  Members will be able to work jointly with other professionals and content experts to jointly create new practices and resources for Business Engagement and Business Services.

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Career Pathways

Through participation in this dynamic CoP, SVRAs who are just beginning their career pathways work will learn from those who have come before, and for those SVRAs with well-established career pathways models this is an opportunity to, not only share and highlight the work that has been done, but also participate in an exchange of ideas with others across the nation to continue to expand and grow.

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Customized Employment

The WINTAC State VR Agency Customized Employment Community of Practice (CoP) will allow State VR Agencies to learn about and share approaches regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of their CE pilots which are currently in progress.

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Labor Market Information (LMI)

VR Counselor Strategies for Using LMI with Clients - This Community of Practice will engage State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (SVRA) staff in detailing methods of using Labor Market Information. Through client stories, agency models, and programmatic outlines, participants will learn from other VR practitioners how LMI may be used to assist those with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain meaningful employment.

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The WINTAC State VR Agency Self Employment Community of Practice (CoP) will allow State VR Agencies to learn about and share approaches each agency is taking regarding the development and implementation of their Self Employment programs which are currently in progress.

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Supported Employment Policies and Procedures

The WINTAC State VR Agency Supported Employment [SE] Policies and Procedures (P&P) Community of Practice (CoP) will allow State VR Agency personnel and others to learn about and share approaches to developing, implementing, and evaluating SE P&P in accordance with the requirements of WIOA and the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 2014 and RSA Guidance, Technical Assistance, or Monitoring results.

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Common Intake and Information Sharing


Apprenticeship COP


Implementation of Section 511

This community of practice will bring together VR professionals to discuss implementation of Section 511 of the Rehab Act as amended in WIOA. There will be Discussion Boards and resources to share regarding processes required by 511, best practices for implementation and working through different scenarios faced by VR programs. This CoP will give members an opportunity to work together to help each other understand what is required by the law and regulations, as well as how to implement the requirements in many different situations and circumstances.

Common Performance Measures

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